Privacy Policy

IBEX workwear is aware of fact that you’d like to know how we use information that we automatically collect by you when you place your order with us on our website.

Below we have described all the points related to our Privacy Policy.

Data Collection:

We hold and store your personal information that you provide us at

For instance, your visit information shows how often you visit our site and which pages you visit. Also, all the information that you provide us in order to receive a particular service from our side. 

Use of your Collected Data:

We use your provided information for following uses:

  • To process your order with us
  • To improve our website and services to you
  • To send advertisements and latest news to you
  • To manage this website

Use of your Non-Personal Data

We do not sell your collected data to a third party and therefore you can feel safe when you provide us your data through contacting us. Your non-personal data may only be used or stored with other persons after getting your prior approval to provide you our service or information requested.

Protection of your Data:

IBEX workwear takes total responsibility to prevent your data from any unauthorised use. 

When you provide us your personal information through forms on our website, You automatically allow us to use that data for our business and hold it on our server.

We would like to inform you that if any governmental authority requests us to provide your personal details concerning your unlawful activities whilst visiting this site, we shall do so.

Access to your information:

If you wish to access your information that we hold about you, you have the right to request a copy of information from us. You can contact us at (01827) 304989.

We want to have your correct information to avoid any inconvenience regarding your order so you can ask us to correct, update or remove any information that is inaccurate.


Updation of our Privacy Policy:

We reserve all the rights to make any changes to Privacy Policy considering the requirements or changes of any kind in our business or changing in data protection laws.